Serendib Sorcerers


  • 8 March 2020 – Luna Festival, kalipitya, Sri Lanka
  • 26 October 2019 – Dots, Hirikeitya, Sri Lanka
  • 17 August 2019 – Goethe Institute, Sri Lanka
  • 3 August 2019 – Sri Lanka Foundation, Sri Lanka

About Us

The Serendib Sorcerers is a project that explores new musical possibilities of folk music in Sri Lanka together with improvisational, contemporary and Western approaches to music. Their debut album ‘Jana Gee Reworked’ was released in 2016 and received much acclaim locally. In September 2019, the Sorcerers released their second album, ­‘Pathulen Muthu gena’ comprising of a collection of unfamiliar pieces of Sri Lanakan folk songs from different local regions.

The Serendib Sorcerers consists of Susantha Rupathillaka (voice), Sarani Perera (guitar), Uvindu Perera (bass), Sumudi Suraweera (drums) and Prasantha Rupathilaka (Sri Lankan percussion).

Contact Us

141/6A Vauxhall Street
Colombo 2, 00200
Sri Lanka