Musicmatters Communities Project


Musicmaters Communities is a community music education program which is primarily aimed at increasing cultural appreciation and understanding among children of Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities from low-income settlements in Colombo.

In addition to creating cultural awareness, this program aims to provide underprivileged children in Colombo access to the benefits of music education, assisting the development of social skills, academic achievement, discipline, patience, individual self-esteem and team-work in groups.

Musicmatters Communities is carried out with the association of the Esuffally Family Foundation and the Colombo City Council’s Public Health Department.

The Mattakuliya Project

The Mattakuliya Project began in 2014 as a pilot programme in a settlement known as Summit Pura. The programme involves a group of 20-30 children being provided with free music lessons once-a-week, within the community. The children who show commitment towards the programme are given instruments to practise at home. During the past two years, the children in this programme have had the opportunity to take part in concerts organised within the community as well as opportunities to visit other musical concerts in the City. The affect this programme has on the community is highly encouraging, judging from the positive feedback we receive from the elders, leaders and children in the community.


The Narahenpita Project

The Narahenpita Project began in June 2016. Similiar to Mattakuliya, a group of 20-30 children is provided free music lessons once-a-week, within the community.