Sound Room Studios

Sound Room Studios is located within the Musicmatters premises and is dedicated to supporting local original artistes and aspiring film-makers by helping them achieve their vision. It is run by Dinuka Jayasooriya and his trusted team, who with a combined work experience of over two decades work very closely with artistes from the Musicmatters Collective; a community of diverse and talented musicians.

Music producer, recording, mix & mastering engineer, musician, and educator.

Dinuka Jayasooriya

Dinuka Jayasooriya is a music producer, recording, mix & mastering engineer, musician, and educator from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Since childhood he was formally instructed in western classical music having completed ABRSM examinations for both piano practical up to grade 8, as well as music theory up to grade 5. In 2004 he was awarded the silver medal for his performance on piano at the Sri Lanka Annual Competitive Festival, organized by the British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech.

During his teens he caught the ‘music bug’ after attending a jazz workshop organized by the British council in the mid 2000’s. This experience awakened a love for live performance, and he went on to play with many different bands. Most notable are the bands Zilch; coming all the way to the final stage of the TNL Onstage competition, both in 2008 and 2011, and most recently with The Drift, with whom he’s been playing commercial gigs, events and weddings since 2017. He also performs quite frequently with the Musicmatters Collective since joining them in 2013/2014.

It was during this time that he got interested in music production and made it his primary hobby, self-learning about the process whilst completing his higher education in the Sciences at a Liberal Arts University in America. Upon completion in 2016 he came back to join the Musicmatters staff, whose work environment he absolutely loves, and began his career as both a part-time member of staff, and as a recording, mix and mastering engineer. He works closely with the Musicmatters Collective with all their projects creating original content. He now runs Sound Room Studios at Musicmatters, and as of 2020 is a full-time member of staff and part of the core team.

Past Projects

Serendib Sorcerers
Pathulen Muthu Gena – Engineered/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered

Baliphonics (self-titled) – Drum Production/Mixed/Mastered

The Soul
Round and Around – Mixed/Mastered – alongside Isuru Kumarasinghe
Enry Pete – Recorded/Mixed/Mastered – alongside Isuru Kumarasinghe
Where we’re From Documentary – Mixed/Mastered
Sticky Like Glue (Live at No Covers Allowed) – Mixed/Mastered

Tomcat and Magnum
Kompannavidiya AF – Mixed/Mastered

Flowers on Both Ears
UMA – Mixed/Mastered

Larry T Hill
Diasperado – Mixed

Lasith Fernando
Yana Maga (single) – Recorded/Mixed/Mastered

Colombo 00200 Kinesthetics
Do you know what we want to do – Mixed

Francesa ‘Q’ Mudannayake
Hysteria – Mixed/Mastered

The Drift
The Antidote (single) – Mixed/Mastered

Dot Dotay
Gamaralata Kotuwak Thibuna (Single) – Mixed/Mastered
Ayaale, Ay Me, God (Live session at Musicmatters) – Engineered/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered
Welikada (Live session at Infinity Studios) – Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
Doiya Baba (Live session at Infinity Studios) – Engineered/Mixed/Mastered

Sakwala Chakraya
Captain Zero – Mixed – alongside Isuru Kumarasinghe

Live on-Location Recording
Wedding Baila – Gehan Blok and Dino Corea

UNDP – Dengue: Early medical care can save lives
Waste Action LK – WALK the TALK video series
Nescafe Ad
Sierra Cables