Ages 3-4

This is a one-hour group music appreciation program held twice a week on Mondays from 3-4 pm and Saturdays from 10-11 am.

In these sessions, we develop children’s sensitivity to pitch through introduction to Solfege singing, nursery rhymes and the Melodica. A strong sense of rhythm is instilled in children through body movement activities and rhythmic games using hand drums. In addition, children are exposed to Western notation using play cards and games. The musical activities in this class are designed to ensure that children internalize basic musical skills needed to learn an instrument when they are a little older.

Ages 5-6

The program for 5-6 year old children is a 1 hour 30 min session, once a week. Currently, there are several streams for this age group throughout the week, therefore please call us if you are interested in finding available times and slots.

This session consists of the following three components.

1. Instrument (30mins): One-on-one lesson with a professional musician. Instruments offered currently are piano, drums, guitar, bass, violin, woodwind, brass and voice.

2. Ear Training (30mins): Ear training is done in a small group class. The basics of reading and writing musical notation is covered using a combination of singing, clapping, Melodica playing and written activities.

3. Ensemble (30mins): The ensemble sessions for this age group place an emphasis on developing listening skills while playing with others. Children are made aware of core musical aspects such as dynamics, tempo and texture. They are encouraged to express themselves freely and improvise using their instruments as well as playing simple structured music.

Ages 6 and above

This program consists of a 2-hour session, held once a week. The session follows a similar format to Ages 5-6, however, the ensemble session is extended to 1 hour to allow students more time for music making.

1. Instrument (30mins): One-on-one lesson with a professional musician. Instruments offered currently are piano, drums, guitar, bass, violin, woodwind, brass and voice. Specific skills and sequences in which they are taught are clearly defined in each instrument curriculum specially designed for Musicmatters. Progress of students on their instrument is informally assessed during the Performance Week Concerts scheduled each term which places an emphasis on solo performances.

2. Ear Training (30mins): Conducted in a small group setting, Musicmatters Ear Training levels are designed to establish a solid and practical understanding of music theory with an ultimate goal of understanding the mechanics of harmony used in popular music. The classes involve, singing, sight reading, transcribing and clapping excercies in order to develop students’ understanding of rhythm.

3. Ensemble (1-hour): The ensemble session allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience in making music with others. Students are placed in the most appropriate ensemble according to age and musical experience. Ensemble activities include listening, playing cover songs, composing original music and arranging an individual instrument piece into a group setting. Each ensemble is featured at end of term Student Concerts and these concerts help focus the ensemble sessions throughout the term.


Adult classes consist of one-on-one lessons with a professional musician. The direction and focus of the lessons are customized according to individual needs. Please contact us so that we can assign a tutor who is most suitable for your interests and requirements.