Musicmatters provides an enjoyable environment in which students are given the skills to become creative musicians and tomorrow’s appreciative audiences …

Established in 2010, Musicmatters has successfully introduced an alternative model for Western music education in Sri Lanka. Since its inception, it has earned a reputation for its enjoyable and practical approach to music, in contrast with the traditional exam-oriented instruction methods.

Musicmatters offers several programmes for children of different ages from 3-4, 4-5 and 6 years and above. The two latter programmes are comprehensive sessions in which instrument tuition, ensemble work and ear training lessons are designed to complement each other in scope, while matching the students’ skill levels. As an alternative to exams, students are given frequent opportunities to perform in concerts in front of small and large audiences, both in solo and group settings.

Adults interested in learning an instrument for the first time or continuing a childhood interest, are also offered individual lessons on a wide range of instruments catered for their individual needs.

Centrally located with purpose built teaching and rehearsal studios, Musicmatters provides an excellent environment in which students can attentively learn whilst having fun, enjoying the benefits of music education that transcend across to all other aspects of their lives.

Nadija Tambiah

When I walked in to Musicmatters to pick my daughter, it reminded me of Hogwarts – kids all over exploring sounds and instruments everyone’s too busy loving what they do …. It’s a passionate place being developed by a passionate person for passionate people about beautiful sound !!! Just love the simplicity and that magical feeling of free expression.

Chris De Alwis